From jewelery to wear to jewelery to decorate

“Jewelry picture” proposes a new world of jewelery. From women’s jewelry to family-friendly jewelry …By painting a timeless masterpiece with timeless jewelry, it can be passed down from parent to child and from child to grandchild as a treasure for generationsIncorporating jewelry into everyday space is a proposal for a new jewelry life.

What’s Jewelry Picture

 What’s Jewelry Picture?

The only jewelry picture® in the world.

A treasure for generations.

Jewelery picture is hand-laid by skilled craftsmen one by one. And it is finished in one picture .People say that ordinary pictures fade in about 8 to 20 years.                    Jewelery Picture is all made of jewels. So it is very resistant to UV rays. And its characteristic that it does not fade easily even after 50 or 100 years.                               

 It can be passed down from parent to child and from child to grandchild, and can be cherished as a treasure for generations.It is the only jewelry picture  in the world because it is made by hand laying jewels one by one by craftsmen.

Jewelery Picture is sold in about 5 countries including Taiwan, Bangkok and Dubai.    We continue to disseminate the charms and messages of art works and characters loved in each country to the world through jewelry.

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~A treasures of generations~
Turn timeless masterpieces into timeless jewelry.
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