• Yoshikitty – English

  • ゴルゴ13 – English

  • 手塚 治虫 – English

  • 池田 理代子 – English

  • るーみっくわーるど – English

  • 篠原千絵 – English

  • サンリオキャラクター – English

  • SNOOPY – English

  • 俵屋 宗達 – English

  • 長谷川 等伯 – English

  • 尾形 光琳 – English

  • 伊藤 若冲 – English

  • 狩野 永徳 – English

  • 葛飾 北斎 – English

  • 狩野 山楽 – English

『A family heirloom across different generations』
Turn masterpieces of Japan to everlasting jewelry.

Osamu Tezuka who is called that A god of Japanese manga, and his works such as “Phoenix”, “Princess Knight”, “Mighty Atom” and other authors’ work such as “The Rose of Versailles“, “Hello Kitty” represent Japanese anime characters. The Jewelry Picture are drawn by skilled craftworkers who spread each jewel all over carefully and complete one picture taking a long time. We hope to deliver the permanent value of Japanese art through jewelry loved across different generations.