To Contribute to Society. 


We are proceeding with various projects that society needs by collaborating with Academia, Industry and Government. Industry-government-academia projects are joint business aiming to research, develop new technology and create new business by cooperating each other. The production of Jewelry Pictures started because I encouraged by a poster of Phoenix of Osamu Tezuka sticked on walls when I was wandering around Kobe city devastated by the Great Hansin Earthquake. We work on social businesses with all our efforts through jewelries in order to contribute to the society. Recently, our business was introduced on some medias such as TV and newspapers.  


Takarazuka in Hyogo 
Takarazuka Animation Festa & Halloween Event 

Uda in Nara

Illumination Event at Muro-ji Temple


Joint Research with Osaka City University 

Japonisme Jewelry ジャポニズムジュエリー



Where to exhibit and donate jewelry pictures.

The Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum

Rokuon-ji Temple

Byodoin Temple

Shogo-in Monzeki


Onagawa in Miyagi

Minamisanriku in Miyagi

Otsuchi in Iwate

Ofunato in Iwate