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Introduction of main works

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Jyakuchu is one of the early modern Japanese painters during Shotoku February 8, 1716 (March 1, 1716) – Kansei September 10, 2012 (October 27, 1800). He was a painter in Kyoto in the middle of the Edo period. It is named alongside Soga Shohaku and Nagasawa Rosetsu as “fantastic painters” who skillfully fuse realism and imagination.



Product Name

Flock Map

Mainly used jewelry

・ Ruby (natural corundum)

・ Opal (natural opal)

・ Carnelian (natural quartz)

・ Black Spinel (natural spinel)

・ Amazonite (natural amazonite)

・ Zircon (natural zircon)

・ Mother of pearl (natural shell)

・ Jadeite (natural jadeite)


Nandina and Rooster NTYK1

Birds, Animals and Plants Folding Screen CJKB





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